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9 Reasons Why Our 60W Solar Street Lights Are a Hit with Neighbors

1. Infinitely Versatile

Our solar street lights can be installed in any outdoor space by providing instant brightness no matter how remote or difficult to access.

2. Huge Security Uplift for YOU and Neighbors

Our light's security modes are able to heavily help you increase your outdoor home's security and also your neighbors so you can all protect each other as a community.

3. The Greatest Cost-Effective Solution

Why paying extra on electricity bills when you can actually have UNLIMITED and FREE outdoor lighting with our lights?

4. Purely American Quality

It doesn't matter if there's hurricane season, snow storms or heat waves, our lights can withstand any weather conditions.

5. On Point Brightness

Be assured any outdoor area around your neighborhood will be safely and effectively lit up (real photo of light turned on)

6. Anyone Can Install Them

We made the lights so simple to install, even our senior customers can do it. No need to hire an electrician or a handyman.

7. A Sustainable Way Of Contributing With The World

They do not produce any greenhouse gas emissions (unlike incandescent bulbs), which means by reducing greenhouse gas emissions with our lights, we can help to mitigate climate change and protect the environment.

8. Detects Unauthorized Entries

Don't want the lights to be fully turned ON at night? Just press the radar button on its remote control and have full motion detection security illumination at your place.

9. Outstanding Long Term Investment

Our lights are built to last over 5 years. You pretty much automatically void paying for outdoor illumination in your power bill for the next 5 years.

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